Coming in Dec 2023

Engineering Game

Mitrapunk: Engineering Game

You are manager of top software corporation like Google, Facebook or Apple. You are responsible for inventing, designing, coding and supporting new features for the demanding userbase. You are working with other managers and other teams. Every person in organization has its own values and vision with which you will have to find way of working. Enjoy Software Development Simulator.

  • Be ready to make tough decisions under conflicting leadership requests.

  • Write ideal code that earns millions

  • Outmaneuver other managers with skill or cunning. Get promotion

The game has unique gameplay that fully matches the real product development cycles at FAANG. The game is built with input from engineers and managers who work on real products you use every day.

Every interaction with another character is based on negotiations that are built on realistic scenarios.

Master Agile software development, Scrum and other complex concepts through a game format, allowing you to grasp what takes others years to understand.

Every character in the game is unique, with their own strong and weak sides that you have to uncover and utilize according to your goals. You cannot succeed without cooperation with others, despite the highly competitive environment.

Manage complexity in engineering game and prioritize the needs of other people, leveraging the expertise of your team and considering architectural details, to incorporate new features into the existing ecosystem.

Genres: Simulator, Strategy, Survival, RPG

negotiation skills